Caleb Schoepp

Discovering Blogs

Published April 5, 2022

One of my favorite things is when I discover a new blog.

How I find the new blog always varies. I might find it while hunting for the answer to a specific technical question. Perhaps it’s been linked to from social media or newsletters I subscribe to. Or possibly I follow a link their from another blog.

But, if that first post is any good, what I do next is always the same. I find their archive of blog posts and I binge. You can bet that I’ll be control clicking on any title that sounds even remotely interesting.

Some of the time what I find is disappointing and I quickly move on. Other times they’ve got some good posts and I’ll stick around for a bit and read. Every once and awhile though, it all just clicks. Something about the way that this person writes just aligns with the way that I think. It’s magical when this happens. These are the blogs that go in my RSS feed.

I have very vivid memories of discovering certain blogs. As a young teenager I discovered Paul Graham and read nearly everything he ever wrote. His writing was incredibly formative for me. Early in my university years I discovered Steve Yegge. It was a revelation to read such funny writing about software engineering.

In the past week I’ve discovered two new blogs. A blog called Dynomight and my friend Mitch’s blog. Posts from both of these blogs inspired me to write this. If you like what I write then you might like what they write too.

I’d love to hear about the new blogs that you’ve discovered. Drop me an email!

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