Caleb Schoepp

I Want to Be an Entrepreneur so That I Can...

Published February 12, 2022

Be Involved in the Entire Process

I love building software, but, it’s never quite felt like enough. I’m not happy just being a cog in the machine shipping widgets. I want to be involved in the product design, marketing, support, business decisions etc.

Have More Flexibility

Working for yourself can give you the freedom to construct a life you want to live. Ironically by constraining what you’re willing to build you can introduce more flexibility into your life.

Have Greater Financial Leverage

You can make good money as a software engineer, but, the reality is that you capture very little of the value you create. When you own what you’re building you take on more risk in exchange for the possibility of compounding growth.

Thank you to Justin Jackson for inspiring me to think about this. If you’re someone starting their entrepreneurial journey like I am I encourage you to think about this too.

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