Caleb Schoepp

UnifyID Logo

Over the past year I worked at UnifyID as a Software Engineer Intern in both full and part time capacities. They are working to make passive authentication a reality using applied machine learning. I could usually be found working with the backend team using Golang, Python, and React.js to build reliable and scalable platforms for their products. I also got the chance to flex my Android skills by helping the SDK team build an app. I wrote a blog post about my time there.

Engineering Logo

I’m in my 4th year of studying Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta and will be graduating in 2022. Some of my favorite classes so far have been Operating Systems and Databases. I’ve also taken classes on Algorithms and Machine Learning. In my 2nd year I was a member of ARVP, a robotics club on campus. On the weekends I volunteer with Schulich Ignite to help teach highschool students how to program.

Microsoft Logo

In the Summer of 2019 I was an Explore Intern at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. I worked on the team. My main project was building an extension for the teams CI/CD in JavaScript that helped improve code performance without sacrificing developer velocity. I also helped research, prototype, and validate performance improvements like caching and code splitting. My return offer has been deferred to the Summer of 2021 due to COVID-19.

Mountain in New Zealand

When I’m not busy with school or an internship there are a few other things I like to do. Traveling is my favorite. I’ve been lucky enough to backpack across Western Europe and caravan around New Zealand. Scuba diving is great too, even in cold Canadian lakes. My guilty pleasure is binging on developer blogs, email newsletters, and tech podcasts. Lately, I’ve been getting into weightlifting and guitar. I’m looking forward to buying my first electric guitar.