Caleb Schoepp

GrokJS Logo

Working with new programming languages is difficult and making sense of unfamiliar syntax is a big part of that. At HackED 2021 I set out with a team to solve this problem for JavaScript. We made a VS Code extension called GrokJS that helps users understand JavaScript syntax by directly annotating the source code with descriptions and links to documentation. With the help of the wonderful Acorn parser this project was quite doable in 24 hours. We were ranked as one of the top 6 projects at the hackathon and got to present our project at DemoCamp.

Spotify Queueu Shuffler Logo

Spotify has shuffle functionality, but it only works for playlists and albums. allows you to shuffle the songs lined up in your queue. I wrote it in React.js and used the Spotify Web API to actually shuffle the queue. For authentication I implemented a client-side OAuth implicit grant flow. Finally, with the help of Create React App I turned it into a PWA so that it can be installed to users devices.

MixtapeManager Logo

Building Spotify playlists by hand can get pretty tedious — so I set out to make it easier — enter MixtapeManager. This was a super fun project to work on and I loved the tech stack I chose; a Go and PostgreSQL backend serving static HTML, styled via Tailwind.css, with a touch of vanilla JS here and there for some interactivity. Throw it up on Heroku and you’ve got a fully functioning website in a jiffy. I also had some fun designing it in Figma.

NQQ Logo

During the Spring of 2020 I read through the fantasic book Crafting Interpreters that takes you from zero to programming language hero. In the book you implement an interpreted language called Lox. After finishing the book I continued to improve my implementation that I was calling NQQ. Notably, I added list and map data structures to the language. I even wrote a blog post about the process. This project taught me so much about programming!