Caleb Schoepp

StudyBuddy Logo

My team and I won HackED 2022 by building StudyBuddy – an application that uses generative AI to make practice quizzes from your notes. We built it with Rails and GPT-3. You can read more about it here.

CompE+ Logo

Finding internships is difficult. Some friends and I set out to help by building a platform to facilitate resume reviews and mock interviews. We called it CompE+. It was built with TypeScript and React.

GrokJS Logo

At HackED 2021 I set out with a team to make learning JavaScript syntax easier. We made a VS Code extension called GrokJS that helps users by directly annotating the source code with descriptions of the syntax and links to documentation. We finished in the top 6 and got to present our project at DemoCamp. You can read more about it here.

Spotify Queue Shuffler Logo

Spotify has shuffle functionality, but it only works for playlists and albums. allows you to shuffle the songs in your up next queue. I wrote it in React and used the Spotify Web API. I also made it a PWA so that it can be installed to users devices.

MixtapeManager Logo

Building Spotify playlists by hand can be tedious so I set out to make it easier. MixtapeManager let’s you schedule the automatic building of playlists. Some of the technologies I built this with are Go, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and Tailwind.css.

NQQ Logo

During the Spring of 2020 I read Crafting Interpreters which guides you through using C to implement an interpreted language called Lox. Afterwards I continued to improve my implementation that I called NQQ. Notably, I added list and map data structures to the language and wrote a blog post about the process.